Viscos is all about helping small businesses achieve their goals with an effective web presence.

Business Philosophy

It’s an amazing time we’re living in. The opportunities for self-expression, the staggeringly low barriers to entry, and the enormous wealth of resources that any single individual has at their fingertips today is a luxury that exists because of those who came before us. To achieve success through dishonesty, greed, or profit at another’s expense profoundly dishonors the giants whose shoulders we stand upon.

I have found no greater satisfaction than achieving success through honest dealing and strict adherence to the view that, for you to gain, those you deal with should gain as well. – Alan Greenspan

What’s a Viscos?

If you’ve never been to Rocky Mountain National Park, you need to go there. This weekend. Seriously, go pack up; this site will still be here when you get back.

It’s one of my favorite favorite places in the world and the section of the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail in RMNP is thirty miles of breathtaking scenery that takes you through three different biomes. At 12,500 ft above sea level is the Alpine Tundra, also known as an asthmatic’s worst nightmare. The tundra’s thin air, incredibly short growing season (less than 30 days a year), heavy snow and high winds are completely inhospitable except for only the most efficient and creative species. And the guy from “127 Hours”. January there is probably a cake walk for him.

On our first trip through RMNP at the top of the Scenic Trail, I was completely amazed and inspired by the species of plants and animals that not only survive, but thrive in such a place. They are efficient and creative, and add color, variety and character along the way. This is the work Viscos aspires to everyday.

Viscos gets its name from the Polemonium viscosum, a wildflower that grows in the alpine tundra of the Rockies. Its common name is the Sky Pilot, which is arguably cooler, but we’re not training aviators here, we’re making the interweb work its magic for the backbone of the economy—effecient and creative SMBs.