Creative Phase

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. We’ve got enough useful information now and we can begin designing based on hard evidence. We’ll get all our ducks in a row with a sitemap and then get going on the visuals.

Develop Sitemap

With the goals established and tested, we’ll “flatten” the content tree of your existing site (or start from scratch if necessary) and build a sitemap that makes the most sense for your audience and objectives. Fancy talk for this process is Information Architecture (IA), but essentially, it’s thinking intentionally about the needs of the user and the logical organization of your site’s content.

Wireframes & Layout

What you’ve probably been waiting for. With the IA map in place and after an initial assessment of the customer audience, we can begin to develop a user interface that will lead to a pleasant experience for the customer. This stage overlaps a bit with the technical phase and will include the 2nd and 3rd recommended user tests.

Content Strategy

In tandem with our SEO services, we’ll provide an audit of existing site performance and identify areas of opportunity for new content. Recommendations will include keyword gaps, messaging, creating new content and workflow.

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