Discovery Phase

It’s tempting to dive right in to the visual design to get to “see something”, but without a careful review of where you’re at and where you want to go, it’s not really design so much as it is a shot in the dark. A slick new design might look appealing, but it won’t be as tailored to your audience or unique goals as it should be.

Establish Goals

We’ll begin by gaining a better understanding of your business, your competition, and importantly, what you’re hoping to accomplish with your website. What would constitute a successful visit to your site and how can those visits help your business grow?

Create Personas

Personas are a “thumbnail” description of your customer types. They have long been used in market segmentation and advertising, and are effective for improving website performance as well. They help us better understand your clients and design a customer-centric website. We’ll work with you to develop these personas and then analyze the characteristics, needs, motivations, devices and contexts of your customer-base to help drive our design and content decisions.

Test Usability

Observing the audience as they actually use the site is the most effective way to make sure the design is friendly and that content is easy to find. We’ll conduct an initial user test via recorded screencast with audio to see what’s currently working and what is most in need of change.

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