Search Engine Optimization

Having a slick new site designed to grow your business is essential, but it’s only part of the battle. We’ll work to understand your market, analyze your competition, and identify opportunities to attract traffic that will result in business.

On-page SEO

You have to begin at the beginning, and that’s your website’s internal code and link architecture. We’ll make sure your site is completely accessible by search engine crawlers and that your high-profile page elements (title, url, header and body tags) are optimized for the keywords we’ve identified as profitable.

Compelling content that attracts new visitors and is worth sharing is absolutely vital (and ideally viral), so we’ll advise on content strategy as well.

Off-page SEO

There are shenanigans galore when it comes to Off-page optimization, even major corporations have been caught and black-listed for practicing black hat techniques. It can be confusing and even scary, so we guarantee that all of our off-page SEO practices follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

The Google Trifecta

We implement three of Google’s tools: Webmaster Tools, Analytics, and Website Optimizer to attract visitors, gather insights, and increase conversions. Your website will be under constant review and scrutiny as we continually tweak headlines and copy to make sure the current version is performing as well as possible.

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